Stories From Startup Metropole Düsseldorf

Episode 4: Launch Your Business in a Weekend

Show Notes

The Startup Sprint will take place from 15-17 April 2016, as the closing event of the Düsseldorf Startup Woche.

Two of the Startup Weekend Düsseldorf Alumni, that are now building their companies: Immelmann beer and Intueat.

At one point, Ingo mentions MyMuesli, as an example of a 'stupid' idea that turns out to be a successful business. This is not a commercial, by the way. 

Also mentioned, at one point, is Die Höhle der Löwen, which is the German version of Dragon’s Den. Some people, and I’m one of them, believe tv shows like this can help change a culture where starting a business is seen as a bad move, into a culture where entrepreneurship is a respectable career choice.

The thing that happened at GarageBilk, the first co-working space in Düsseldorf, is that they made a surprise announcement recently that they were going to move into an enormous space, approximately 100 times (yes one hundred) as big as their current facility. See also their recent announcement here.

We discuss the role of schools and universities. Some of them, such as the Heinrich Heine University and recently WHU, play an active role in the local startup scene. But there are over 20 campuses ofuniversities (Hochschulen) in Düsseldorf. When we talk about schools getting more involved, it’s obvious we talk about the ones not active yet.


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