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Episode 9: Brit Stueven of The Break Changer

Brit Stueven is an American living in Düsseldorf. She has a long career in PR and marketing, but decided she needed a break. So she took a break, and... well, the rest of the story, and much more, you can hear in the podcast.

On 9 June, Brit will start a 10-day challenge, and you can still join in! Learn all about the value of breaks by joining the challenge. Register on

Episode 8: Florian Falk of JustSpices

After a short break, we’re back with the StartInDUS podcast. For this episode, I spoke with Florian Falk of JustSpices. Visit their website to order awesome spice mixes, or even create your own at

I presented a herbal mix I bought in Israel. That was mean. I really put Florian on the spot, but knowing him a bit, I knew he would take it well, and turn it into a great story (about Tim, in this case). Anyway, I did some googling, the herb mix is known as Za’atar. The mix gets its name from the main ingredient, which is sometimes referred to as Hyssop. 

The IHK Florian mentions when talking about the traineeship of Tim, is the Industrie- und Handelskammer, the Chamber of Commerce in Germany. One of their many roles, is to certify companies that want to offer traineeships, so that there’s a better chance of students actually learning something from their trainee or internships.

Episode 7: On FinTech, Silos and Simply Starting

For this episode, I had a conversation with Fabian Braun, one half of the A.IX Capital founder team. A.IX Capital is a FinTech startup from Düsseldorf. You can learn more about them on their website, and if you want to learn more about what they do and how you can better manage your money, you should really have a look at the YouTube channel:

The challenge inspired by food startups starts on 2 May, you can sign up here:

Episode 6: Buy local online with Hierbeidir

Show Notes

You can find local retailers from Düsseldorf, Albstadt and Waiblingen on

Here you can find out a bit more about Future City Langenfeld:

Episode 5: The StartInDUS Explainer

Let's talk more about Startup Metropole Düsseldorf in English, and be like the Rhine: connecting entrepreneurial centres for collaboration and cross pollination. What that sentence means? Well, listen to the 5th episode of the StartInDUS podcast!

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